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1.1 Introduction 1.2 Quick Start 4. Website Navigation 5. System and Browser Support

Interactive Web Physics 6 Animator Guide

Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction to IWP6

Interactive Web Physics 6 (IWP6) features a large database of interactive animations designed for educational demonstrations of fundamental physical concepts. These animations span a wide range of introductory physics subjects, from kinematics to electrostatics. In addition to the large public library of animations available in IWP6, IWP6 also features a animation designed tool which enables teachers and students to develop and explore animations of their own design.

1.2 Quick Start

To begin viewing animations, navigate to the homepage by clicking on 'Interactive Web Physics' in the top left corner of any IWP6 page. The homepage includes 7 collections in the 'Packaged Animation Collections' section and features the best of IWP6 in the 'Popular Animations section.' Each animation includes a thumbnail, title, and a brief description. To view an animation, simply click on the animation thumbnail, or the green 'Animate' button, or the blue title link. Press to begin the animation!